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Why Your Transparent Blog Income Report Isn’t Actually Transparent

I’ll be petty and have a tiny violin playing for me for just one blog post and that’s because I read this brilliant post and have to weigh in on my opinion about income reports. (Shoutout to Laura who’s easily one of my favorite REAL  bloggers).  

I like reports. They help me track my stuff, they help me see where I was last year and how far I’ve come. As a content manager, reporting KPIs is my thing. I even make it super entertaining and motivating for people to read and you actually learn something from them.

But income reports? That’s a blogging trend I’ll never understand. Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m totally open to getting destroyed in the comments and being called petty because I’m not able to monetize my blog in the same way (partially true, I’ll take it). But my blog is lacking actual entertaining content, so instead of spending a month reaching out to companies who would be willing to sponsor my blog post, I’ll just write this because I want to.

Maybe it’s a blogger’s thing to try and grasp on that very last bit of transparency they can get because I’ve never seen influencers or anyone else outside of the blogging sphere talk about how much they earn in such bizarre way. Again, maybe I’m totally wrong and this will turn out to insult quite a few people in the process of showing the non-glamour part of these income reports. 

Welcome to the ugly truth. 

Where most blogging income actually comes from:

  • Host provider affiliates – usually from a post on how to start your own blog.
  • Amazon affiliates.
  • Other types of affiliates.
  • Sponsored content that took a lot of soul selling and pretending you like the product because you’re too afraid to tell the truth.
  • Affiliate links in the actual blog income report (which should have a catchy title with the actual income – this income also includes credits you cannot turn into cash whatsoever).
  • 30+ rewritten printables that took 0.5 seconds to make in Canva but are now sold as an impressive bundle.
  • A ‘quit your job and become a full time blogger’ course that was made after a single successful month and now holds 70% of the entire blogging income and is NEVER updated even though blogging rules change on the monthly. 

I understand that this is what blogging is about for most people who want to monetize their content, I really do, and I totally get that it’s a business with funnels and strategies just like anything else.

But think about it – how much of our content is directly affected by the fact you aren’t writing about things you want to write about. Instead, you’re writing about things you KNOW will bring you money.

Are you sure you’re not losing your integrity and value because your KPI is more focused on money than it is on actual quality of your content? What are you actually teaching your readers? 

Click here to read my ACTUAL blog income report that’s completely and totally transparent and I mean that – because I love you and I want you to be your own boss and have freedom to be totally dependent on 30+ affiliate providers you need to constantly promote and make content around to make decent money! While you’re at it, check out my yet-another-generic-teachable-course-my-virtual-assistant-made on how to become a full-time blogger!

(Just kidding, both of these links take you back to my website. I need views for my non-money related KPIs. <3 )

Petty Mandy out!


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