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My Portfolio

My name is Mandy Lutman and I’m a Content and Social Media Manager who’s always ready to creatively express your business’ story, mission, and values. I’m always available to submit entertaining articles around travel, music, pop culture, fitness, marketing, lifestyle and other exciting topics.

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source url I specialize in: 

  • Blogging and ghostwriting
  • Social media copy
  • SEO writing
  • Copywriting (including adverts, email campaigns and landing pages) My writing samples: 

(please note that their recent layout change messed up old blog posts, I promise this is not on purpose) 

5 Bizarre European Christmas Traditions

5 Completely Magical Places in Vienna You Need to Visit

Guide to Being Vegan in Madrid

7 Lessons I Learned from Living in Madrid

  • Thought Catalog

I Chose to be Child-Free

  • Skyscanner

What are the best frequent flyer programs?

  • Over a dozen blog posts on The Real G Money

5 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Organized

  • Over a dozen blog posts on Tidy Universe 

10 Productive Habits for a Cleaner House

  • TheThings YouTube channel scripts (5 scripts each week)

10 Cartoon Secrets FINALLY Revealed

10 Loud House Characters ALL GROWN UP

What my clients (and bosses) say: 

“During her two years at Spotahome, Mandy proved herself to be an exceptional and creative writer and marketer. She contributed greatly to the company’s growth and expansion, and her willingness to take initiative was a huge asset to the team. When the company formed a Partnership Team that required new content to be produced on-demand, Mandy took charge and researched and wrote new blog articles, which became a big source of traffic to the company’s website and increased conversion.” – Mayu Ishikawa, Listing Onboarding Manager, Spotahome

Freelance Writer for Hire

Freelance Writer for Hire

Freelance Writer for Hire

Freelance Writer for Hire

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