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25+ Websites with Jobs for Freelancers

You are a witty writer, an interesting IT specialist, a magical marketer, a confident consultant, a daring designer or some other alliterative academic (that does sound illiterate doesn’t it?). You want to move away from day-to-day drudgery of the rat race and see yourself as a fancy-free and footloose freelancer. Good for you! But where are all the jobs for freelancers?

25+ Websites with Jobs for Freelancers

Fear not, for there are numerous websites out there who are willing to help you achieve your dreams (all while making money for themselves (and you (and the people you freelance for (I’m a fan of brackets, sorry)))). So here they are:

  • upwork.com: jobs are posted. People bid for those jobs. Money is paid on completion of those jobs. Upwork takes a cut. Feedback is given and everyone is happy (ideally). Upwork features short and long term projects, hourly and fixed price contracts, and breaks down jobs into entry-level, intermediate and expert.
  • indeed.com (or .uk or .ie etc depending on your location): job posting marketplace for local jobs. If you would like to find freelancing work in your area, generally posted by reputable businesses, then this is where you want to be. Hey, maybe you will find a long term job here and be able to re-enter the rat race.
  • 99designs.ca: for the graphic designers out there. Compete against other designers to create logos, banners and more. The winning design will be rewarded with money.
  • fiverr.com: a great place to start. The jobs are simple and generally pay between $5 and $10.
  • freelancewritinggigs.com: a great option for those specializing in writing, editing, copywriting, publishing, blogging, you name it. Have a way with words? Head this way.
  • stackoverflow.com: a community forum to find solutions to all your tech problems (I have use them countless times), but also a place where tech companies will post jobs. Find a solution to your problem or find a solution to your life!
  • wordpress.com: you know the name, but did you know they also advertise WordPress jobs too? You an expert in WordPress themes, plug-ins or optimization? Then there will be a job for you here.
  • freelancewriting.com: another site full of jobs for writers, but this one also holds writing competitions where highly articulate writers can win prizes for submissions.
  • problogger.com: are you a blogger? Then this freelancing site is tailer made for you. Get over here and find some blogging jobs, then blog about your blogging.
  • Mefi jobs (jobs.metafilter.com): allows you to find all the regular freelancer jobs that the other sites do, but this one allows you to see exactly how far you are from your chosen job. Neat right? Or is it? I really do not know!
  • linkedin.com: you are a professional so why should you be wasting your time with these amateur sites! (your words not mine). A place for professionals in their field to meet and find the job to satisfy their needs.
  • google.com: there are lots of great sites on this list, but the list is in no way exhaustive (I know, I have checked). Go to google and ‘google’ ‘freelancing jobs’. Be prepared for over 31 million results.
  • toptal.com: similar in idea to most freelancing websites, though it does features a rigorous screening process which whittles down freelancers until only the top 3% remain. Are you an expert in your field with a deep belief in your skills? Then this is the place for you.
  • freelancer.com: lots of job posts searching for freelancers, but the main difference from all those other freelancing websites out there is that you are able to compete in competitions against other freelancers for these jobs.
  • gun.io: this site will connect you with some of the big players, such as amazon, but will only consider you if you have some great code filling your github repository.
  • hireable.com: a more social site than the others, allowing freelancers to search for jobs while maintaining a community feel.
  • dice.com: a search engine dedicated to finding technology jobs.
  • getacoder.com: are you a specialist in web design, programming, etc? Then this is the place for you. Featuring small and large scale jobs, you are sure to find something here.
  • locolancers.com: helps clients to find freelancers within their locale. Freelancers are organized by region, timezone, skills, etc.
  • Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree, etc: everyone is going local. Food is local. Clothes are locally made. Micro-breweries are popping up all over the place. So why not become a local freelancer (you could also go organic, gluten free and vegan too). Search out your local ads to find that perfect freelancing job, or post an ad yourself advertising your specific skill set.
  • WeWorkRemotely – This one is frequently updated, with a lot more ‘serious’ job types that pay you well.  
  • FlexJobs – I really wish FlexJobs would change their website to something more organized, but hey, at least they offer jobs for freelancers, right?  
  • Virtual Assistant Clinic – A paid subscription service, but their Facebook Group is also pretty awesome!
  • Escape the City – Not just freelance jobs, but this is where you can find some of the most creative jobs out there. Shout out to a recruiter who showed me this after not offering me a job at their company! 🙂
  • The Gig List – A pretty cohesive list of jobs for freelancers, and it arrives to your inbox, so you don’t even have to search on a regular basis.
  • Friends & family: no need to be ashamed. Get the word out there, there may be some work needed by a family member, a friend, a friend of a friend, a friend of a family member or a friend of a family member’s friend. You never know until you ask.

There you have it. The definitive list (I did add Google in there and they know everything). Go out there and begin your freelancing career. Sign up to a website, talk to people, bid for jobs, gain a reputation and make some money doing the thing you love. And don’t you dare to work for exposure. 

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See you out there! 🙂


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