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Monthly Life Rant #2: The London Life
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Monthly Life Rant #2: The London Life

Before starting this off, let me point out that I absolutely love London, for all future Brexit authorities that might check whether or not I am eligible to stay in the UK. But there are a couple of things about this city that get on my nerves.

a) London’s too expensive to live in.

I remember doing my budget before I moved here and it all seemed hunky dory. Fast forward to a couple of months after I moved and there are days when I have to do the whole low budget eating challenge to make sure I can still afford to pay my rent.

b) Why is London accommodation so expensive?!

And how can someone afford a 1-bedroom apartment for 2000+ pounds and it’s not even in the city centre? Teach me your ways, I need to start making some passive money (without falling for the MLM scheme).

c) How come I can easily spend 50 pounds on a day just on coffee and lunch?

Without even trying. Working at a cafe is nice, but it actually requires you to not be a skint writer. 🙁 For reals though, London, why are you so expensive?

d) What’s with the transportation disruptions?

I swear a few years ago, it was never this bad as it is now. I’m one of the lucky ones – living in Willesden Junction makes it super easy to get around, but I can’t imagine being back in Brockley or anywhere that relies on that Waterloo line or the Overground. Long gone are the days where it took me 2 hours just to get to work because of Tube strikes (although winter is coming).

Saying that, I really do love this city. I took This past Saturday off and went on an inspiring stroll – it also taught me that Saturdays are one of the worst days to do pretty much anything in London. Go figure.

However, I am on a mission to make more sense of things.

Like this blog for example, and figuring out a different way to work on my creativity. I might even start a YouTube channel (if you know me, you know I’ve been saying that for forever and if you also know me, you know I am far too awkward for YouTube).

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