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October Favorites

My Monthly Favorites [October 2017]

Another month has gone by and the dreadful Nanowrimo is just around the corner. Am I ready? Well, kind of. But more about that later. This month has been fairly quiet in terms of… well.. Anything. October is usually the last freelance month when things get super busy, but I’ve made sure that I’ll won’t be bored for the rest of 2017. Enjoy this little read and don’t forget to let me know what you’ve enjoyed doing / reading / raving about in 2017?

Please note that ‘5 Things I’m Raving About’ and ‘Books I’ve Read’ do have an Amazon affiliate link, however, giving it a click would only support my blog. All opinions are my own (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). <3

5 Things I’m Raving About

  • Demi Lovato’s Simply Complicated documentary anyone ever buy clomid online This is one of the rawest documentaries I’ve ever seen. I love the honesty, as well as the insight look into the PR version of Demi post-rehab.
  • where to buy dapoxetine in malaysia Dual Sided Gliding Discs Core Sliders by Iron Core Fitness – I got those just last week and they’re absolutely perfect. I’m making core exercises a priority over the weekend, but I also needed something more stimulating than just regular planks (I get super bored). The discs are pretty big, but I also use them when I practice my pirouettes – perf.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser – I live in a small place that gets easily stuffy, especially since my kitchen doesn’t have a window. I used this for the first time a few weeks ago and honestly, I could actually breathe better (this sounds like a commercial but I promise I’m not sponsored). Also gave me an excuse for going all out on purchasing some essential oils – totally worth it.
  • Lush – I’m back working for Lush over Christmas to work on my communication skills (one thing I’m super worried I’ll miss out on as a freelancer). Letting my retail voice come through because that persona has her whole life put together (jealous).
  • Nanowrimo – Here it is again, the National Novel Writing Month. I participate every year, and every single year I get distracted. This year, I have a new strategy and a lot of hope considering my writing habit has advanced and I’m actually doing some form of writing every single day. I already changed my story twice and had my first breakdown, but hey, who hasn’t?

Books I’ve Read In October

I couldn’t believe when I read that this is actually a fictional book and the characters aren’t real – they might as well be. Maybe it’s the part it represented Croatia pretty well, or the fact it included some Balkan words you wouldn’t understand unless you spoke the language, but this has been one of my favorite boos I ever read. It’s detailed and even gives some insight into Croatian history, which was definitely real (and something they never taught us about in Slovenian schools).

I didn’t think much of this title at first, but I read this in one night (and kicked myself for not going to bed earlier). I skipped through some stuff, but this book had a really interesting plot, a couple of eye-rolling moments and scenes I had to reread to understand what was happening, but overall, a really good book!

Music I’ve Listened to in October

  • Ty Dolla Sign – Beach House 3 Album

I’ve been Ty’s fan ever since Saved first came on. This album is really solid and it annoys me how underappreciated he is. Ex is a bop, but I always enjoy the tracks that have zero features even more. This album is the most versatile album I have ever heard and he really showed off his musicality. Forever a Ty fan.

  • Pink – Beautiful Trauma Album

What About Us made me appreciate Pink again – along with the fact that her and Christina Aguilera made up after a 15-year feud. Beautiful Trauma is amazing when it comes to Pink’s vocal skills. Some of the songs, especially Barbies, fall a little flat for my taste, but I’m loving that she’s testing new sound – Whatever You Want, Better Life, What About Us, and Beautiful Trauma are my top 5.

What were your favorites in October 2017? Let me know or leave a link to your blog post! 🙂  


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