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5 SEO Rules I Follow To Grow My Blog Organically
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5 SEO Rules I Follow To Grow My Blog Organically

If you’re a beginner blogger, you’re probably very confused about SEO and techniques to use to get organic traffic. Working as a content manager taught me a lot about SEO and white hat techniques you can use to grow your blog organically. Trust me, there are plenty of ways to do this. But these are the 5 GUARANTEED SEO rules that will bring you organic reach to your blog.

Note: Depending on your strategy and your chosen keywords, it can take up to 6 months to see solid SEO results. It takes time. 🙂 

5 SEO Rules I Follow To Grow My Blog Organically

5 SEO Rules I Follow To Grow My Blog Organically

  1. Don’t over-stuff your keywords

Most people don’t realize that synonyms count too. Let’s say the keyword for this post is ‘grow my blog’ – I can use all synonyms like ‘boost’ ‘gain traffic’ ‘reach organic views’ etc. and the blog post will still get some traction.

I’ve worked for people who completely ignore this and had to write thousands of blog posts with over 1000 words and absolutely had to use a keyword at least six times, even though it didn’t really fit in the text.

It doesn’t make sense. As long you produce valuable content and keep in mind that you can use synonyms of your keyword, it counts.

  1. Pay attention to the formatting

I’m still not sure whether this makes a difference or not, but it did to my blog as well as other blogs I’ve managed. I’m a huge fan of the H2 headings and tend to put at least two main keywords in there, usually at the beginning and at the end of the blog (you can check it in this blog post). I don’t really particularly care about H1 or anything else, but H2 is my secret weapon that always seems to bring me organic traffic.

Yoast has an excellent post on why you should use headings. If nothing else, it allows the reader to easily follow your post, but it definitely also benefits SEO.

  1. Research your keywords

If you really want to grow your blog, you can easily do so by researching your keywords. Of course, you should always write about what you know and still come up with valuable content, but keyword research DOES make your difference.

Here’s how I research my SEO keywords:

Amazing tool for finding what phrases and SEO keywords are actually popular. You can sort them by countries and get a complete content analysis. And no, I’m not an affiliate for Serpstat.

  • I check out what my competitors are writing about

One of my secret weapons is checking what my competitors are writing about. When I was working for a real estate site and was in charge of a blog that was aimed at expats, I looked at the keywords my competitors were using and checked how old were the posts.

If the first page on Google is full of year-old posts, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to score with that keyword.

  1. Optimize your images

Images are your secret SEO weapon you should definitely utilize. Always rename your image file! I often just use my blog title, and then copy-paste that into image title, description and alt tag.

This has worked more than I expected it to and you’d be surprised how many bloggers tend to forget about this. To optimize your images, just go to ‘Media’, click on your image and fill in the tabs on the right hand side. 

  1. Provide valuable content

I always make sure the content I provide on all my blogs is actually valuable and that it makes sense. I firmly believe in conversational tone when it comes to blogs like this and am not a huge fan of academic writing.

Another important factor is having original content. Rewriting things and using a generic formula for Google’s algorithm won’t make your blog unique because there are thousands of marketers out there who do exactly the same thing.

Be different and provide unique and valuable content – SEO will appreciate it as will your readers.


Use SEO tools like Yoast on WordPress. Scroll to the bottom of your blog posts and fill out the brackets. This will act as a guide to how you’re doing – it also comes with amazing SEO rules. (Don’t worry about their readability score though, it means nothing :))


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